Klopp upset after Liverpool loss but Premier League title race not over

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Liverpool suffered a disappointing 1-0 defeat to Crystal Palace, putting them two points behind Manchester City in the Premier League race. Jurgen Klopp expressed his disappointment and frustration with the team’s performance, citing a lack of conviction and pressing as contributing factors to the loss. He also mentioned fatigue and previous results against Manchester United as affecting the team’s momentum. Klopp emphasized the need for the team to be collectively strong and united on the pitch, especially when facing challenging situations.

He acknowledged the criticism and emphasized the importance of winning football games, particularly with a challenging sequence of away games ahead. The manager also addressed the team’s struggle in front of goal and the absence of a natural goalscorer, comparing it to other teams like Arsenal and highlighting Manchester City’s success with a reliable No 9. Klopp expressed the need for the team to improve their finishing and belief in order to remain competitive in the title race.

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