Gary Neville discusses Mo Salah’s form, Jurgen Klopp’s departure, and their disagreement at Liverpool.

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The speaker was at the Merseyside derby and had recently attended a lot of Liverpool games. They expressed concern about Mohamed Salah’s level of performance, stating that he was not at his usual level during the Merseyside derby. They highlighted that Salah, who they regarded as an amazing player, had been noticeably off his game and had minimal involvement in the match.

The speaker recounted how Salah had struggled to make an impact, particularly in the first half of the game. They observed that despite the change in the opposition’s defensive setup, Salah still failed to influence the match. The speaker expressed their surprise at Salah’s lack of impact and compared his situation to that of another player who had hit a performance slump in the past due to excessive playing time.

They also discussed the potential impact of the ongoing managerial situation at Liverpool, drawing on their past experiences at Manchester United. The speaker drew parallels with Sir Alex Ferguson’s announcement of his departure and the subsequent impact on the club. They expressed concerns about the uncertainty and speculation that can arise from such announcements and how it can affect the players and the overall club environment.

The speaker pointed out that they believed Liverpool’s recent struggles were not solely due to the early announcement of Jurgen Klopp’s departure but suggested that the team may have reached their maximum capacity and were now feeling drained. They emphasized that their evaluation of Liverpool’s performance was based on their expectations at the start of the season and acknowledged the challenges the team had faced. Overall, the speaker observed a decline in Liverpool’s performance in recent weeks, attributing it to factors such as Salah’s form and the ongoing managerial situation.

They opined that Liverpool had pushed themselves to the limit and were now struggling to maintain their performance levels.

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