Gary Neville claims the Premier League is currently at its most exhilarating thanks to every team playing attacking football

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England’s Premier League is currently experiencing a tight race for the top spot, with only six points separating Liverpool in first and Tottenham in fifth. This is the smallest difference between first and fifth after 20 matches since the 2001-02 season. The competition is not only intense at the top but also for European qualification and avoiding relegation.

Gary Neville, speaking on the Gary Neville Podcast, believes that the Premier League has become more exciting due to the presence of teams like Aston Villa and Tottenham overperforming. These teams are not only beating each other but also adopting proactive and attacking strategies. This is a significant change from 20 years ago when many teams played defensively and focused on stopping the opposition. The evolution of the game has made it more thrilling for fans.

Neville also points out that modern-day players have a greater understanding of tactics compared to players from two decades ago. In the past, players were considered secondary to the manager’s thinking. However, players now demand a clear game plan and strategy from their coaches and managers. They want to know how to win matches and are actively involved in the tactical aspects of the game.

Managers can no longer rely on outdated playing styles, such as a simple 4-4-2 formation. The game has become more nuanced, and players expect to be part of intricate patterns of play. The Premier League is no longer receptive to outdated tactics. Coaches need to adapt and find ways to dominate possession, score goals, and play attractive football.

Overall, the Premier League has become more exciting and dynamic due to teams adopting attacking strategies and players demanding a deeper understanding of tactics. Football has evolved, and the game is better for it, with matches offering more chances, goals, and entertainment for fans.

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