Should Liverpool be worried about Mohamed Salah’s decline? Stats show potential risk of premature decision.

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The debate surrounding Mohamed Salah has become heated and not just on the touchline. There are those saddened by Salah’s reaction and those angered by it. Others will sympathise with the frustrations of a player who has done so much for Liverpool – and feels he is capable of more – being introduced so late in a game they needed to win. The situation is complicated by his contract and the backdrop of interest from Saudi Arabia that could prove irresistible to the player – or indeed the club.

Economic realities are a factor, and Michael Edwards, the returning chief executive of football, will need to consider this when making decisions about Salah’s future at the club. Salah’s form has seemed to have slumped since returning from the Africa Cup of Nations and the injury that undermined Egypt’s efforts in that tournament. His displays have lacked the old zip and the finishing has been erratic. However, despite this, the numbers this season still stack up.

He ranks sixth for goals and fourth for assists in the Premier League, showing that he has still been involved in a significant number of goals. Salah has been remarkably consistent since his debut season at Liverpool, but the difference now is that he has dipped below his expected goals total. The finishing has not been as good, and he may have been impacted by the wastefulness of others around him. Despite this, he has still been having chances, giving reason to believe that Salah could easily go on another scoring run.

Salah has also had to adapt to a fundamental change in his positioning on the pitch, collecting the ball in positions further away from the opposition box. Despite this change, he has become more creative, producing more through-balls and creating more big chances than ever before. The Liverpool hierarchy would be wise to consider these numbers when making a decision about Salah’s future, as they indicate that he is still an effective player despite his recent dip in form. It is important to assess the player that he still is as well as the player he once was, and not be swayed by the noise surrounding his performance.

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