Liverpool, Man City and Arsenal in most thrilling Premier League title race, claims Paul Merson

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The Premier League race for the title is heating up, and the recent performances of Liverpool and Manchester City are making it a tough call. Liverpool’s last-minute goal against Nottingham Forest solidified their position in the league, and a win against Manchester City would significantly boost their chances of winning the title.

On the other hand, Manchester City’s upcoming matches against Liverpool and Arsenal will be crucial in determining their fate. Winning both games would likely secure another league title for them.

Meanwhile, Arsenal is also making strides, with Declan Rice elevating their performance and strengthening their defense. However, their upcoming match against Manchester City will be a true test of their progress.

The recent winning streak and improved goal difference have put them in a competitive position, and they need to maintain their momentum to stay in the race. The presence of Mohamed Salah is crucial for Liverpool’s chances against Manchester City.

His impact on the game and ability to create scoring opportunities could be the deciding factor. His absence would make it challenging for Liverpool to consistently threaten City’s defense.

Additionally, he brings a fear-factor that could unsettle Manchester City and give Liverpool an edge in the crucial match. As the competition intensifies, the games ahead will be crucial for all teams involved.

The patience and artistry displayed by Manchester City in their gameplay have been impressive, and they will be looking to maintain their dominance in the league. The clash between Liverpool and Manchester City will be a key moment in determining the outcome of the title race.

The upcoming fixtures and the performances of key players will play a significant role in shaping the final outcome of the Premier League title race.

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