Jones Selects Top Bets: Morgan Gibbs-White at 6/1 is a Strong Pick to Score against Newcastle

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The tipster’s best bet column is back with a focus on this weekend’s matches. You can watch free Premier League highlights of all matches just after full-time.

Additionally, there’s an opportunity to Play Super 6 and win £250,000! This weekend’s betting radar includes goals at Luton, Darwin Nunez offsides, Morgan Gibbs-White to score, and Enzo Fernandez shots.

However, it turned out to be a very wrong weekend for the tipster. Several predictions did not materialize, leading to a total wipe-out.

Despite this, the emphasis is on the psychological impact of being wrong, even if it’s just by a slight margin. Reflecting on the past weekend, where only one point was lost, the tipster acknowledges the importance of confidence when it comes to betting.

The psychological aspect plays a significant role in decision-making. However, it’s crucial to stick to the process and power through variance.

Looking ahead, the tipster identifies three bets to target for the upcoming weekend based on the performance of Luton and Sheffield United. The focus is on their goal-scoring capabilities and the potential for a high-scoring encounter.

Specific players, such as Darwin Nunez and Enzo Fernandez, are highlighted for their statistical probabilities in the upcoming matches. The tipster also analyzes the trend of increased attacking intent in matches involving certain teams, leading to a higher goal average than expected.

Based on this trend, there’s a suggestion to consider the goal lines, with the evidence supporting a sensible play for five or more goals in certain matches. Furthermore, the potential for Morgan Gibbs-White to score based on his performance and expected goals tally is highlighted, along with the likelihood of him being the penalty taker, adding to the value of the betting opportunity.

In conclusion, the tipster provides an overview of the betting radar for the upcoming matches, emphasizing the psychological aspect of betting and the importance of confidence in decision-making.

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