Liverpool’s Potential Loss of Mohamed Salah’s Creativity Could Be as Significant as His Goals_due to Injury

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Diogo Jota and Darwin Nunez impressed with their finishing in Liverpool’s 4-0 win against Bournemouth, filling the gap left by the absence of Mohamed Salah due to injury. The team’s formidable firepower was evident as both players contributed two goals each in the Premier League match. However, Salah’s absence is still a concern, given the team’s lower-than-average expected goals in recent games.

Liverpool’s expected goals against Bournemouth fell well below their season average, indicating a potential challenge in generating quality chances without Salah. His creative prowess, evident in his high number of open-play chances created and big chances created, will be sorely missed.

Salah’s absence will also be felt in Alexander-Arnold’s and Robertson’s lesser capacity to match his open-play chance creation and Jota’s inconsistent goal-scoring record. Nunez, while performing well in the recent match, has shown lower consistency in converting chances compared to the expectations.

Liverpool’s recent success without Salah is encouraging, but there are concerns about sustaining the team’s performance without his creative influence. The coaching staff has had time to plan for Salah’s absence, but his impact on the team may still take a toll.

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