Henry Slade, England rugby player, discusses overcoming OCD challenges in candid interview. Rugby Union News – Sky Sports.

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The Gallagher Premiership and European Champions Cup-winning centre, now aged 31, has acknowledged the impact that his developed routines had on his life. These routines were driven by a fear of the potential consequences if he did not perform them. He felt the need to constantly check off various tasks and was consumed by worry over his specific way of doing things, which added stress to his daily life. This led to an excessive bedtime routine that took nearly an hour before he could go to bed.

His OCD habits also became entwined with his rugby life, such as having a specific way of changing and tying his shoelaces. This impacted his performance and even led to a serious injury when he deviated from his routine in a game. Seeking help from a visiting psychologist at Exeter, he began his road to recovery. He emphasizes the importance of being open about struggles and encourages others to seek reassurance and support from those close to them.

Slade encourages anyone dealing with similar issues to not be afraid to seek help. He believes that sharing the problem can alleviate some of the burden and ultimately help in the recovery process. Opening up about his struggles and seeking help allowed him to make significant progress in managing his OCD.

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