Analyzing Darwin Nunez’s Scoring Struggles: Is there a problem and will it persist for Liverpool?

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“The Debrief” article examines the finishing of Liverpool player Darwin Nunez and its potential impact on the team’s performance in the title race. Despite not being clinical in front of goal, Nunez’s presence in the team has coincided with a 17-game unbeaten run for Liverpool. However, concerns about his finishing persist. Nunez has been influential in matches, causing problems for opposing teams with his runs and occupying defenders. His impact on the game is evident, but his record of one goal in his last 15 appearances for Liverpool raises questions about his ability to convert chances. In a recent match against Newcastle, Nunez had numerous opportunities but failed to score. Nunez’s high shot frequency suggests he should be scoring more goals, but this is not the case. He has missed 18 big chances, the most in the Premier League this season. However, Jurgen Klopp remains optimistic that Nunez will find his scoring touch, emphasizing the importance of the chances he creates. The article also suggests that Nunez’s post-shot expected-goals total is higher than his expected-goals total, indicating that statistically, he should be scoring more goals based on where he placed his shots. It is unclear whether Nunez’s lack of scoring is due to bad luck or other factors. Some of his shots have been safe and predictable, leading to saves by goalkeepers. The article suggests that confidence may play a role in Nunez’s finishing, citing examples of other players whose finishing improved over time. In the tight title race, Nunez’s improvement in front of goal could prove crucial for Liverpool.

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