Louder than proud

This year, we made our voices heard at Liverpool Pride, because Pride is a day of struggle and celebration. Celebration of our sexualities, our bodies, our identities and our affections. Struggle against an oppressive society which represses and humiliates those who don’t fit their moulds. We said loud and clear that, despite the appearance of tolerance, homophobia and


In the coming days lecturers from 65 universities across the country are going on strike. In Liverpool, the UoL and the School of Tropical Medicine will be affected. The strike action, called out by UCU, is in response to the newest attack to their working conditions. This time it is about the pensions. Lecturers are faced with

Nightmare with Venmore

Venmore mistreated two tenants in Wavertree. The agency ignored repairs for six months, stole part of the deposit without any evidence and tried to unlawfully increase the rent. Renting with Venmore is a nightmare. You have problems from the very beginning and this is the case with these two tenants. Before moving into the house, the tenants

Stop abuses in Hospitality sector!

Liverpool SolFed is organising a campaign against bad working conditions in the hospitality sector. The hospitality industry, which includes workplaces like pubs, restaurants, hotels, canteens, etc. has an important presence in the city and is well known for abuses and exploitation. Our aim is to get willing workers of the sector together to fight back


At Easter, Liverpool-SolFed made a call out to protest against working conditions at Sandemans, a company who offers “Free Tours” in Liverpool and across Europe. “Free Tour” does not mean that guides are volunteers. In Sandeman’s case they are ‘self-employed workers’ and their incomes are based on the tips that are given at the end

SolFed in Liverpool streets for May day

Although Liverpool-SolFed is still a small and very recent group, we were present at the May Day demonstration in Liverpool. A few comrades join the parade from Toxteth Library to St. Georges Hall alongside different unions and groups active in the area. The march was quite well attended and developed in a festive and protest

Dispute closed with Alpha Care

Last Monday we reached an agreement with Alpha Care which satisfies the economic demands made by a former worker. This company, specialising in home-care, owed the worker some unpaid hours, mileage and holiday pay. She decided to leave the company because of the working conditions. Liverpool SolFed supported the worker’s demands and distributed, along with other

SolFed stands in solidarity with striking RMT members

Liverpool SolFed stands in solidarity with striking RMT members and ASLEF members refusing to cross the picket line. The full context of this dispute is scandalous – corrupt local politicians are allowing Merseyrail to take up to a quarter of all passenger fares – profits in the region of £14 million a year – and


Unpaid trials in hospitality are often a way to get free labour in busy periods like weekends. It is too common to find restaurants offering unpaid trials every week or so. Mooboo, a company specialising in “bubble tea” with 12 stores around UK, went a step further and started forcing their applicants to do a 40-hour

SolFed stands in solidarity with striking RMT members

220 guard roles are due to be lost in Liverpool, this is not only unacceptable but will endanger the safety of passengers and rail workers alike. The recent wall collapse at Lime Street shows how essential the role of guards is on trains, this collapse could have resulted in fatal consequences if the trains involved