SolFed starts a campaign about Deliveroo’s struggles

Liverpool Solidarity Federation is starting an information campaign around Deliveroo workers’ struggles around the UK in the last months. The aim of the campaign is share experiences with the Deliveroo workers, inform them about other struggles in Deliveroo and other companies and offer them support in case the want to organise and fight back.

Back in August, Deliveroo wanted to take away the hourly pay rate in a lot of zones in London and replace it with a per-delivery piece rate. Any worker who refused to accept the new pay structure would lose their job. Once we heard the news, we started to organise. Workers talked to each other at the zone centers and before long we had begun a strike. It carried on for a week, and in the end we won. Deliveroo caved, and said that workers could, if they chose, transfer to other zones and keep their hourly rate.

The strike in August shows that we have the power to organise and win better wages and conditions. Because we are not officially employed by Deliveroo, we can strike when we want. Wherever and whenever we have solidarity and organisation we can fight and win.

And why do we need to win? Because if our bikes need maintaining, we have to pay. If we get sick, we get no sick leave. If we crash, we have no cover. Piece rates leave us even more vulnerable to pay cuts and exploitation, and Deliveroo will always try and cut its costs by cutting our wages. We have no loyalty to a company that wouldn’t lift a finger to help us if a left-turning lorry smashed us off the road.

Sounds familiar? Do you feel like you just had enough? That text was written by Deliveroo workers in London. Drivers are also organising in other cities: Bristol, Manchester, Brighton, Birmingham.

We are a radical union with a new branch in Liverpool. Our aim is to create a solidarity network between workers from all the industries, and help each others to improve our working and living conditions. We are neither professionals or paid officials that decide for you. We are just workers that believe that no one will fight it for us.