Rights at Work Group Update

Liverpool Solidarity Federation’s working group on “Rights at Work” have been running a campaign on returning to work, this was started a few weeks prior to the end of lockdown. The working group was set up to help distribute information between hospitality workers and to help workers organise in the hospitality sector. However, recently the main focus of the campaign has become reaching out to workers to help inform them on their rights in the workplace, specifically those relevant to the time of a pandemic. For example: health and safety, redundancies and some finer details like temporary contract changes and furlough.

We believe workers may be subject to permanent changes to their contract without their full knowledge, with the potential to be made redundant unfairly or unnecessarily, or to be put at risk due to the substandard health and safety procedures in the current crisis. So far, the campaign has been distributing information in the form of posters and leaflets. This has been encouraging workers who may have disagreements with their employer to attend our open meetings and ask for information regarding their specific conditions. In the future we hope that workers will continue to reach out and contact us so we can offer advice, potentially leading to us helping them in a dispute. As well as this, Solfed can provide information on their rights and how to organise. In order to achieve these goals, we may be looking at holding workshops and open mic events to communicate openly and clearly with the workers of Liverpool.

Workers have paid for this pandemic in many ways, from having to work early on in the pandemic while the virus spread like wildfire through our cities, to being forced back into work before it is safe. Being informed and organised is necessary so workers remain safe from exploitation and abuse from employers.

Get informed! Organise! Fight back!