Reading Group: Studying Workplace Struggles

Following on from our reading group of Fighting for Ourselves we have decided to complete a five part reading group on workplace struggles. It will be online and you can join by clicking here (the password is directaction). It will be fortnightly and each session will start at 6pm.

If you don’t manage to do both readings, or neither, then your more than welcome to attend anyway. Everyone is welcome, so long as they are respectful, even if they live outside of Liverpool or are not members of the Solidarity Federation.

1. Introduction – 12th October
Direct Action in Industry and Fighting Back: International Week of Action against Unpaid Wages.

2. Rail and Dock Workers – 26th October
and Anarcho-syndicalism in Puerto Real.

3. Cooks and Careworkers – 9th November
Dare to be a Daniel! and Something Should Be Done.

4. Couriers – 23rd November
The Couriers are Revolting! And Flamme Rouge.

5. Small group workplace organising – 7th December
Notes from the class struggle.

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