Migrant supporters marched on Liverpool

A group of people joined the #OneDayWithoutUs rally called by Liverpool Solidarity Federation and marched from Bold Street to Lime Street to show solidarity with the Anti-Trump rally.

Liverpool SolFed supported the National Day #OneDayWithoutUs, a campaign to celebrate migrant contribution to the United Kingdom. SolFed members and supporters decided to make a call out for a rally and point the common problems that native and migrant workers face in the UK everyday.

As the rally’s clashed with the anti-Trump rally we decided to march from Bold Street to Lime Street, where the other rally started at 5:30 PM. During the march, people shouted slogans like “Workers united, will never be defeated!”, “Say loud, say clear, refugees are welcome here!” and “No borders, no nations, stop deportations!”.

The leaflet, written in six different languages, talked about problems such as low wages, casualisation and high rent prices and criticised the politicians strategy in dividing the working class and criminalising migrant workers. In fact, at the end of the text, some examples of recent struggles led by migrants were exposed.

Our target was to support the campaign and spread our opinion about the upcoming events – Trump, Brexit, May…. With regards to the demonstration itself, we realise that despite our limitations in terms of membership and resources, we were able to effectively convey our views. From this we were pleased to receive positive feedback from the public as en emerging group. For us, the demonstration wasn’t a turning point, but just a day to make public our position.

For us support for migrant workers is a day job, as we are building a non hierarchical union in which origin, race, sex and legal situation doesn’t matter. As we struggle, informative campaigns of significant use to migrants and native workers alike are underway. Well as this, we are trying to build a solidarity network between workers to defend themselves in their workplaces and to fight back to improve working and living conditions wherever they are.