Louder than proud

This year, we made our voices heard at Liverpool Pride, because Pride is a day of struggle and celebration. Celebration of our sexualities, our bodies, our identities and our affections. Struggle against an oppressive society which represses and humiliates those who don’t fit their moulds. We said loud and clear that, despite the appearance of tolerance, homophobia and transphobia are still so present in so many aspects of ourlives.

We denounced the commercialisation of the event, in Liverpool and everywhere, which has intensified in recent years. Pride is now used by companies like Barclays and oppressive institutions such as the Police for the most shameful marketing purposes.

On Saturday, from the midday, a group of us gathered at Derby Square with banners, placards and anti-capitalist publicity.

The event started with an angry debate held with a local homophobic and transphobic Christian group who turn up at Pride every year to preach hatred. The Police arrived quickly and tried to order us to move to the other side of the road. We held our ground insisting that we wished to drown out the Christian protesters hateful speech. The police sought mediation from the official Pride organisers. We also declined their invitation for us to move over the road.

Shortly afterwards our wonderful technicians got the sound system working and the Anticapitalist Dance Riot started. Dozens of people joined us, including some of the participants from the official parade who thanked us for claiming space from the notorious Christian group. By now the police could not stop us.

We used the occasion to distribute the first edition of the zine “Louder than Proud” and a leaflet denouncing Barclays sponsorship of the event.

This year, we wanted to reclaim Pride as a day of struggle in which we are the protagonists. Thanks to everyone who participated and made this such a special event.

See you in the streets!