Liverpool SolFed on the closure of hospitality workplaces

Yesterday, the Goverment anounced the closure of pubs, restaurants and other public venues, as a measure of contention to the spread of the Coronavirus.

Although we could have expected this to happen, the news caught us by surprise, with some of us being informed in the middle of our shift that we have to close. Obviously, any measure considered important for protecting public heath should be taken.

However, despite what we think about the Goverment’s and the business’s answer, we must demand that it not be us who pays again for this crisis

The Chancellor Rishi Sunak has told us not to worry as measures to protect worker’s wages (up to 80% of the salary backdated from March the 1st*) will be taken. However, we have many reasons to be worried.

First of all, we are so used in this industry to see how our minimum legal working conditions are just dismissed with total impunity. Our lay-off and sick pay rights have been consistently ignored by bosses with the authorities’ complicity. Will it be different now?

On top of that, hospitality Work and indeed many other sectors are increasingly more casualised. Quite a lot of us are working on zero-hour contracts, through agencies, as “self-employed”, or even without a contract. What is going to happen with us?

From Liverpool SolFed we repeat: we cannot trust our bosses and our Government to stand for us, we need to do it ourselves.

During this crisis, SolFed will not keep quiet and obedient. We will be working for supporting each others and fighting back. We have prepared some online material rights at work and we encourage anyone to get in touch.

Hospitality workers, towards the COVID-19 outbreak:

Let’s not tolerate abuses!

Get informed, talk to your workmates and organise!

Hospitality workers from Liverpool SolFed