Cost of Living? We’re being Robbed!

Capitalism is in crisis. The ruling class grows more bold, hysterical, and violent by the day. The system is running on empty. The more we give of our time and energy, the less we get. Energy bills are set to skyrocket. Benefits have been cut. Wages have stagnated. What do you do when you’re being attacked on all sides?

Below are a few anarcho-syndicalist proposals to the cost of living crisis.

Strike Action

A strike is a co-ordinated refusal to work. They require organisation and are effective in winning improvements in wages and conditions.

Strikes terrify bosses. When P&O Ferries mass sacked 800 seafarers this month, agency workers walked out in sympathy with the sacked workers. The agency workers’ courage has hurt P&O’s capacity to degrade their workers’ rights more than any MP’s empty words. Solidarity is powerful.

Large and successful strikes can have a domino effect. Support strikes! Respect pickets! Never cross a picket line!
We run workplace organiser training so get in touch!


Non-payment can be co-ordinated or spontaneous.

A rent strike can force a landlord to make repairs, reduce rent, or to return deposit money. Wherever renters come together, they can challenge their landlords.

Acts of non-payment will not always be organised or by choice; people will do what they have to do in order to keep themselves and their loved ones fed. Fare dodging and shoplifting are likely to increase. Have empathy and don’t grass on your class.


For our ends this is a tactic to hinder production or retaliation. Sabotage can be enacted internally by workers within a business or externally. It can be small or large scale. Every little hurts!

Mutual Aid

The state will let you starve. The state will let you freeze. Capitalism dictates that destitution is a personal failing. This is not true, capitalism has failed you. In response to their artificial scarcity we must feed and shelter each other.

Form and participate in food and warm clothing networks. Collect and distribute food, warm clothing and insulation materials however you can. Countless numbers of these groups already exist. Organise around real world necessity. Support and defend those targeted by bailiffs, courts and police.


We haven’t got a chance in hell on our own. Pay no respect to the lies of the bosses nor of the political class.

An injury to one is an injury to all. 

Liverpool Solidarity Federation is a small anarcho-syndicalist union. We have had successes in disputes around wage and deposit theft. We run workplace organiser workshops. We promote revolutionary anarchist politics. Get in touch:

Artwork by Clifford Harper.

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