Back to work? Don’t tolerate abuses! Open meeting for service sector workers

Next Saturday 4 July, the hospitality industry and many other services are due to reopen. On top of this, emergency measures such as the Job Retention Scheme will start to be withdrawn.

The Government, the Council, the media and the bosses are talking a lot about safety, about the economy, and their plans for the new normal…

But has anyone asked us?

Liverpool-SolFed wants to invite all service sector workers, active or unemployed, to an open meeting on Monday 29 June at 6pm at St George’s Hall. We want to discuss the situation and our proposals regarding the return to work, especially as it affects the hospitality and services industry.


Liverpool-SolFed proposes:

  • No unfair redundancies: Bosses must not use the pandemic as an excuse to make people redundant.
  • Use of protection mechanisms: All workers must be able to access the Job Retention Scheme, sick pay or other relevant protection if they have to stay at home to self-isolate, care for others, or if their employer cannot offer sufficient work.
  • Health & Safety protection: All workers to be guaranteed a safe working environment and have the right to refuse to work if they do not feel safe without being victimised.
  • Fair distribution of work: Workmates can cooperate to ensure as even a distribution of employment as possible with decent pay and no pressure to work overtime.

*Keep an eye on our website for updates on the meeting*

It’s no time to be afraid, it’s time to organise!

Make your voice heard!