Migrant supporters marched on Liverpool

A group of people joined the #OneDayWithoutUs rally called by Liverpool Solidarity Federation and marched from Bold Street to Lime Street to show solidarity with the Anti-Trump rally.


Liverpool Solidarity Federation is supporting the national campaign #OneDayWithoutUs, hosting a rally against criminalisation of migrant workers on Monday February 20th, at 6 PM at The Lyceum, 1 Bold Street, L1 4NW.

SolFed starts a campaign about Deliveroo's struggles

Liverpool Solidarity Federation is starting an information campaign around Deliveroo workers’ struggles around the UK in the last months. The aim of the campaign is share experiences with the Deliveroo workers, inform them about other struggles in Deliveroo and other companies and offer them support in case the want to organise and fight back.

A worker gets paid after organising

A former room attendant in a Hotel at Albert Dock (Liverpool) got paid after demanding wages owed to her via SolFed. The company paid up before any public campaign started and just a few days after Solidarity Federation contacted them.

The Adelphi staff demands a living wage

Staff of the hotel is demanding a living wage and an end to zero hours contract. RMT is balloting for strike on Christmas and New Years due to the Adelphi’s blank refusal to negotiate.

Have fees to tenants already been banned?

On 23rd November 2016, the Treasury announced in the Autumn Statement that they “will ban fees to tenants as soon as possible”. So, right now fees are still legal in England & Wales, and it is not very clear when they will be outlawed.

SolFed is back in Liverpool!

After a few years’ absence, SolFed is back in Liverpool. During recent months, we have been meeting with comrades in Manchester, supporting their activities and trying to find out how to restart things here. Now a few of us have decided to take the step to start the process of becoming a SolFed Local.

SolFed reappears on the streets of Liverpool

Solidarity Federation (SF) has once again appeared on the streets of Liverpool after an absence of more than two years. Recently joined members have moved into the city, and have been in contact with Manchester Solidarity Federation.