Stop abuses in Hospitality sector!

Liverpool SolFed is organising a campaign against bad working conditions in the hospitality sector. The hospitality industry, which includes workplaces like pubs, restaurants, hotels, canteens, etc. has an important presence in the city and is well known for abuses and exploitation. Our aim is to get willing workers of the sector together to fight back


Unpaid trials in hospitality are often a way to get free labour in busy periods like weekends. It is too common to find restaurants offering unpaid trials every week or so. Mooboo, a company specialising in “bubble tea” with 12 stores around UK, went a step further and started forcing their applicants to do a 40-hour

SolFed starts a campaign about Deliveroo's struggles

Liverpool Solidarity Federation is starting an information campaign around Deliveroo workers’ struggles around the UK in the last months. The aim of the campaign is share experiences with the Deliveroo workers, inform them about other struggles in Deliveroo and other companies and offer them support in case the want to organise and fight back.