The true working conditions of Deliveroo couriers in Liverpool

WORKERS STRUGGLE IN LIVERPOOL On Sunday, October 6, 2019 there was a strike of Deliveroo riders during their 'Super Peak Hours' Many riders turned up on the steps of the Bombed Out Church to join in with Solidarity action. This peaceful protest showed the discontent of couriers, and signaled the awakening of a collective labour … Continue reading The true working conditions of Deliveroo couriers in Liverpool

Universal Credit

Universal Credit is outright class warfare: an attack on all exploited and excluded people of society by the capitalist class and their lackeys in government. Below I aim to summarise the causes and consequences of this new system, and then outline a perspective through which resistance may be viable. CAUSES The British ‘welfare state’ has … Continue reading Universal Credit

SolFed at the 3rd Anarchist Bookfair

For the third year, Liverpool-SolFed will be at Liverpool Anarchist Bookfair on Saturday, 13th of April. We will be having our stall for anarcho-syndicalist literature, information about our campaigns and activity and materials for collective resistance and struggle. We will also be running a workshop presented by a comrade from Manchester-SolFed: 3pm SolFed: The Truth … Continue reading SolFed at the 3rd Anarchist Bookfair

Stop detentions! Stop deportations!

Liverpool SolFed joined the protest called for by Liverpool Migrant Solidarity Network. On International Migrants Day, we joined our voices for the closing down of Detention Centers and an end to deportations. Probably the most extreme aspect of the “hostile environment” that the UK is using to demonize and target vulnerable people. We also expressed our … Continue reading Stop detentions! Stop deportations!

Renting with Fortis?

Renting a room with Fortis is not as fabulous as you might expect after reading their publicity. Problems such as water leaks, overcharges, deposit theft and lack of hot water for weeks are quite common in most of their accommodations throughout the UK. Management's policy is to ignore maintenance issues for many weeks to reduce costs. Over … Continue reading Renting with Fortis?

Unsecure Lettings

Liverpool Solidarity Federation concluded its dispute with Secure Lettings. The dispute ended positively with the three tenants involved receiving the whole deposit back and a compensation due to the damp and mold issues during the tenancy. Landlords and letting agencies continue to exploit the vulnerable and transient nature the current housing sector forces tenants to live … Continue reading Unsecure Lettings

Louder than proud

This year, we made our voices heard at Liverpool Pride, because Pride is a day of struggle and celebration. Celebration of our sexualities, our bodies, our identities and our affections. Struggle against an oppressive society which represses and humiliates those who don't fit their moulds. We said loud and clear that, despite the appearance of tolerance, homophobia and … Continue reading Louder than proud